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Formsprag Clutch provides superior overrunning clutch technologies for challenging industrial applications worldwide.

Formsprag Clutch

For more than 50 years Formsprag Clutch has been known as the world's leading authority for the design and manufacture of long-life overrunning clutches, backstops, bi-directional clutches and clutch couplings. Formsprag offers the broadest range of both sprag and ramp & roller type overrunning clutches and backstops available globally.

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Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Clutch Couplings

Mining and Aggregate



CSK Series

FHB Series

FL Series

FSO Series

FSR Series

FWW Clutch Couplings

HPI Series

HSB Series

LCB 200 and 400 Fan Backstops

LLH Holdbacks

Overrunning, Indexing, Backstopping Clutches

Sprag Retainer Assembly