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Welcome to Portescap

        Portescap is the innovation leader in miniature motors and precision motion control
        technologies for performance-critical applications that save, improve and enhance
        lives. We continually advance the state of the art for power, precision and efficiency

        in miniature motion. Driven by our passion for innovation, technical excellence and
        quality service, we deliver best-in-class products and custom engineering services
        to ensure a perfect fit for your applications.

        Power, Precision, Efficiency

        Brushless DC Motors                  Brush DC Motors                      Disc Magnet Motors
        Optimum speed, torque and            Outstanding efficiency, power        Increased resolution with high
        life; autoclavable option            density and acceleration             speed capability

        Can Stack Motors                    Can Stack Linear Actuators            Gearheads & Encoders
        Precise, cost-effective open-loop  Compact package delivers high          Spur and planetary gearheads,
        control                             force with direct linear motion       optical and magnetic encoders

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