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Miniature Motors For Performance-Critical Applications

        Innovative motion technologies and custom engineering services that ensure a perfect fit

        for your individual application.

                                       RESPIRATORY CARE                   CLINICAL
                                       BLDC motors provide              DIAGNOSTICS
                                    responsiveness and efficiency   Portescap offers the required
                                        for improved patient        breadth of motor technology
                                      acceptance and extended       to optimize movement and
                                           device life.             meet your application needs.

              INDUSTRIAL                                                                            AUTOMATION/
             POWER TOOLS                                                                             ROBOTICS
           High torque-to-weight                                                               Smooth motion and improved
          ratio, lower noise and high                                                           accuracy at higher speeds
           efficiency offer best-in-                                                           increase machine throughput
            class performance.                                                                  and handling performance.

      INFUSION SYSTEMS                                                                                    AEROSPACE
       Highly efficient mini                                                                          Highly powered brushless
        motors allow for                                                                                and brush DC motors
      compact pump design                                                                            reduce weight and size and
      with longer battery life.                                                                        provide high precision.

                 SURGICAL                                                                        OTHER INDUSTRIES
               POWER TOOLS                                                                        Extraordinary torque
               High power and                                                                    density, efficiency and
             performance for better                                                            reliability for a wide variety
              surgical outcomes.                                                                  of OEM markets and

                                  We leverage our miniature motor technologies

                                       and application know-how to serve a
                                      spectrum of motion control applications

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