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Brushless DC Motors

        Built for precision, efficiency and reliability,
        these motors offer the power density
        needed to deliver top performance in the
        most compact applications. Available in
        slotted and slotless designs, they provide
        exceptional acceleration, speed, torque

        and position control over a long, trouble-
        free life.

       Exceptionally Efficient, Powerful and Durable

       Feature                              Details                               Application Advantages
                                                                                  • Zero detent torque
                                                                                  • Reduced iron losses
                                             • Slotless: self-supporting cylindrical coil
                                                                                  • High efficiency
                                                                                  • Linear torque vs. speed
        Slotless or slotted configurations
                                                                                  • Excellent torque-to-power ratio
                                                                                  • High current capability
                                             • Slotted: coils inserted in the slots of the stator
                                                                                  • Withstands rugged environments
                                                                                  • Autoclavable option
                                             • Linear torque/speed curve (except iron losses)
        Permanent magnet                     • Torque proportional to current     • Ease of position and speed control
                                             • Speed proportional to voltage
                                                                                  • Long life, limited only by ball bearing wear
                                             • Electronic commutation             • Reliable in harsh and dusty environments
        Brushless design
                                             • No brushes to wear or spark        • Reduced EMI
                                                                                  • Quiet operation
        Winding attached to stator           • Improved heat dissipation via conduction  • Superior overload capacity
                                             •  Motor design optimized to withstand exposure to
        Autoclavable versions for slotted motors  harsh environments including high temperature   •  Long life in medical devices that
                                              and pressure cycling                 undergo frequent sterilization

       For a Wide Range of Miniature Motion Needs

              Medical devices &                      Aerospace                            Other
              clinical diagnostics                   • Surveillance camera systems        • Nailers & framing systems
              • Arthroscopic shavers                 • Seat actuation                     • Powered industrial fasteners
              • Respiratory and ventilation devices   • Valve actuation                   • Powered assembly screwdrivers
              • Miniature pumps                                                           • Powered professional pruners
              • Laboratory automation                Instrumentation
              • Powered ENT instruments              • Dosing & dispensing systems
              • Surgical robots                      • Gas detection
              • Diagnostic analyzers                 • Explosive trace detection systems
              • Medical analyzers
              • Sample prep workstations
              • Powered orthopedic drills and saws
              • Powered surgical screwdrivers

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